Zaporizhzhia: Is Europe's largest nuclear power plant about to be attacked? – BBC Newsnight

What’s going on at Europe’s largest nuclear power station – Zaporizhzhia in Ukraine?

On Tuesday, the Ukrainian Army posted a warning on its Telegram Channel of a possible attack on the plant which was taken over by Russian soldiers in March last year.

They say ‘foreign objects similar to explosive devices’ have been placed on the roof of the plant.

Meanwhile a Russian news agency has reported that on Wednesday night, Kyiv is going to attack the power plant with ‘high-precision weapons and kamikaze drones’.

According to Ukrainian intelligence, Russian workers have been told to leave the plant by Wednesday.

President Zelensky has warned Russia the world sees that Moscow is the only source of danger, and is ready to react.

Newsnight’s International Correspondent Emir Nader looks at what has been going on at the plant.

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Written by Harold Ponce




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