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0:04 – Tel Aviv attack
0:20 – Assault on Jenin
1:21 – Omdurman fighting
1:39 – France protests
1:50 – Moscow drone attack
2:06 – China export restrictions

At least eight people have been injured in a car-ramming and stabbing attack in Tel-Aviv.
Medical officials say the suspect has been killed. Police are calling the incident an act of terrorism.
The Palestinian group Hamas says one of its members carried out the attack.
This comes a day after Israel launched its biggest ever assault in the Occupied West Bank in decades

That attack comes a day after Israel launched its largest assault in the occupied West Bank in decades.
At least 11 Palestinians have been killed as more than a thousand Israeli soldiers carry out raids in Jenin.
Israeli forces also raided sights in Ramallah on Monday.

There’s been more fighting in Sudan, in and around the capital Khartoum.
Intense combat has been taking place between the army and the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces in Omdurman.
The conflict – which began in mid-April – has killed nearly 1,000 people just in Khartoum.

French President Emmanuel Macron is meeting more than 220 mayors from across the country.
It’s to discuss the unrest that followed the police killing of a teenager a week ago.
The meeting is taking place at Macron’s official residence, the Elysee Palace.
On Monday, rallies calling for peace took place outside town halls.
They were in response to six nights of rioting.

Russia’s defence ministry says it shot down four and intercepted a fifth Ukrainian drone, in and around Moscow on Tuesday morning.
It accuses Ukraine of carrying out what is calls a ‘terrorist attack’.
Operations at a Moscow airport were temporarily affected.
No casualties or damage have been reported.

China is restricting exports of raw materials used to manufacture semi-conductors and solar panels.
It follows similar moves by the U.S. and Netherlands. to restrict their exports of chips and semi-conductor technology to China.
Beijing says the new controls are needed for national security.
Now, Chinese exporters of raw materials will need to apply for a special permission. to ship gallium and germanium products out of the country.

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