Can China and the US mend their troubled relations? | Inside Story

When superpowers fall out, the rest of the world worries about what might happen next.
So the visit to China by America’s top diplomat is being closely watched.
The military and economic giants fail to see eye to eye on many vital issues.
There’s rivalry and mistrust on both sides.
But there’s also an acknowledgement, however hesitant, that the strategic rivals, need one another to further their own interests – both at home and abroad.
So will Antony Blinken’s visit signal an improvement – or fuel divisions?

Presenter: Mohammed Jamjoom

Einar Tangen, China affairs analyst and Senior Fellow, Taihe Institute.

Natahsa Lindstaedt, Deputy Dean and Professor, University of Essex.

Joseph Mahoney, Professor of Politics and International Relations, East China Normal University.

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Written by Romeo Ponce




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