Kasich: 'People Are Hungering' for an End to Trump's 'Name Calling,' 'Chaos'

Thursday on MSNBC’s “Hardball,” Gov. John Kasich (R-OH) said people were “hungering for an end” to “the name calling, the chaos” when he was asked by host Chris Matthews about President Donald Trump’s tweets. Partial transcript as follows: MATTHEWS: Well, among Trump’s recent Twitter activities, this beauty, a retweet of a picture showing a who’s who of Trump’s political enemies, if you will, behind bars, suggesting they should all be tried for treason. You can see there President Obama, the Clintons, Robert Mueller, James Comey, Trump’s own deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. What do you make of that? That he has to put out a retweet, the president of the United States is showing everybody he doesn’t like as treasonous behind bars? KASICH: I think it’s terrible, Chris. I mean, look, the country’s divided enough, and people are hungering. You know, I just heard it on a call yesterday, I mean, I see it all the time, people are hungering for an end to all this, the name calling, the chaos. And, you know, when you are the president, you’re putting things out like that. Look, Chris, I’m the governor of the state, the seventh largest state in the country. I got

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