Coronavirus: Donald Trump says US is 'winning' war against Covid-19

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President Donald Trump met at the White House Wednesday afternoon with nursing leaders, and expressed the nation’s “gratitude for those on the front lines” in the war against the global coronavirus pandemic.

In remarks at the start of the meeting, Trump said he’s “using the full power of government in response to the Chinese virus,” Trump said,

He declared the U.S. is “winning” against the virus and “will win.” “It’s a question of when and I think it’s going to go quickly. We hope it’s going to go quickly.” he said.

The president outlined the steps he’s taken, including declaring a state of national emergency, urging hospitals to cancel elective procedures, empowering states to authorize test development and urging the American public “to make major changes to reduce social interactions over the next two weeks.”

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Written by Linda Radtke


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