Half-Life: A Full RT/Path-Traced Upgrade For The OG PC Classic Tested!

The maker of ray traced versions of Serious Sam, Doom, and Quake – Sultim Tsyrendashiev – returns with a fully path-traced upgrade to the classic Half-Life, a free mod for owners of the game. So how does it work, and what makes the original game such a suitable candidate for a full RT upgrade? Alex Battaglia gets to grips with the mod.

00:00:00 Introduction
00:01:18 How to get the mod
00:02:25 Why Path Tracing works with Half-Life
00:05:08 Direct Lighting
00:07:08 Global Illumination & Emissive Lighting
00:10:33 Added Reflections & Materials
00:14:25 Added Volumetric Lighting & Configurability
00:17:00 Performance and IQ Considerations
00:19:38 Conclusion

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Written by Mellisa Scott

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