RT Rank 30 -THEN RAID: SHADOW LEGENDS #sponsored

We started the push at 800 trophies. Pushing RT to 1000. Then we play RAID SHADOW LEGENDS. The sponsor of todays stream!
✅ Install Raid for Free Mobile and PC: ( and get a special starter pack with an Epic champion Kellan the Shrike and Rector Drath 🎉
💥Use the Promo Code 4YEARSRAID to get 4 x Skill Tomes Legendary, 4 x Energy Refill, 400 x Energy, 400000 Silver. Available for ALL users by April 9
💥Use the Promo Code FIRESTARTER to get an Epic Hero, 25 x XP Brew Magic and 200000 Silver. Available for NEW users only by April 9

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Written by Romeo Ponce

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