Roger Stone: Never Talked to Assange About Emails, Mueller About Probe, Trump About Pardons

Sunday on ABC’s “This Week,” political consultant Roger Stone said he had no discussions with Wikileaks founder Julian Assange about the emails released during the 2016 presidential campaign of Donald Trump. He also said has not spoken to special counsel Robert Mueller about his Russia investigation and insisted he has had no discussions with President Donald Trump about pardons. Partial transcript as follows: STEPHANOPOULOS: Roger Stone is here with us right now, welcome to “This Week”. It does appear that – that Robert Mueller is developing a case that you are a key part of this whole Russia investigation. Russia funnels the hacked emails to WikiLeaks, you’re the conduit between WikiLeaks and the Trump campaign. Are you still confident you won’t be indicted? STONE: Well none of that is true, of course, and there’s no evidence to support that supposition. It is now two years in, $30 million. I think few Americans could withstand the kind of legal proctological examination that Mr. Mueller has put me under. According to the New York Times, I was under surveillance by the Obama administration in 2016. They wrote that on January 20, 2017. And today there is still no evidence whatsoever of Russian collusion between the Russian

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