Matthew Johnson on "One America News Network" with Alicia Summers

There’s a good chance that the Fed could push the economy into recession. Here, Matthew Johnson of Johnson Wealth & Income Management discusses the Fed hikes and what it could mean for your finances in 2023. Watch his appearance on the “One America News Network” with Alicia Summers here to find out more.

Matthew P. Johnson is President and Owner of Johnson Wealth and Income Management, a third-generation company that has been serving clients for over 75 years. Matthew has been advising clients in the financial services industry since 1999. He strives to educate clients on how to invest for income, help to avoid loss by utilizing more conservative investment options, and is dedicated to helping them achieve a well-planned retirement.

Johnson Wealth and Income Management is committed to educating its clients and the community through workshops on topics related to more conservative investment alternatives.


Investment Advisory Services offered through Sound Income Strategies, LLC, an SEC Registered Investment Advisory Firm. Johnson Wealth & Income Management and Sound Income Strategies, LLC are not associated entities. Johnson Wealth & Income Management is a franchisee of the Retirement Income Store. The Retirement Income Store and Sound Income Strategies LLC are associated entities.

Written by Richard Mudge

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