How much is politics involved in the Olympics? | Inside Story

As the Tokyo Olympics come to an end this Sunday, a year late because of the COVID-19 pandemic, some athletes and their nations are celebrating their Olympic medals.
While others will be looking at where they can improve in three year’s time in Paris.
What has arguably been the world’s biggest sporting event has always been a chance for nations big and small to showcase themselves on the grandest of stages.
But have some countries now crossed that line?
And do the Games still have the same impact, for the medal-winning nations and the hosts ?

Presenter: Hazem Sika

Richard Baka, Adjunct fellow, Olympic Scholar and Co-Director of the Proposed Olympic Research Network.
Barbara Holthus, deputy director of German Institute for Japanese studies and editor of ‘Japan through the lens of the Tokyo Olympics’.
Ross Griffin, Middle East editor of International Journal of the History of Sports.

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Written by Mary Cooper


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