Gaza ceasefire deal in balance as Israel “demands list of hostages”| BBC News

Mediators and Hamas have arrived in the Egyptian capital, Cairo, for talks on a ceasefire deal in Gaza. However Israel is reported to be demanding a list of surviving hostages held by Hamas before it will attend the negotiations.

The United States has suggested a ceasefire agreement is imminent. An unnamed US official has said Israel has “more or less accepted” a deal in which a six-week pause in fighting would see the release of more Israeli hostages and Palestinian prisoners.

Hamas is understood to be demanding a withdrawal of Israeli forces from Gaza before more hostages are released.

Pressure for a deal has intensified following the death outside Gaza City of at least 112 people, as crowds gathered around an aid convoy. Hamas has accused Israel of shooting starving civilians as they attempted to get food. Israel has denied that, suggesting people were run over by aid trucks and killed in the stampede.

Jane Hill presents BBC News at Ten reporting by Orla Guerin.

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Written by Hope Hardin




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