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World hunger is increasing dramatically and governments must act now if they want to live up to the pledge of ending the problem by 2030.
The stark warning was issued by five UN agencies in this year’s state of global food security and nutrition report.
It says up to eight-hundred and eleven million people were under-nourished last year.
The largest increase was in Africa while Asia accounted for more than half of all people who lacked access to food.
The agencies say the fallout of coronavirus has
So what can be done to help those starving?

Presenter: Mohammed Jamjoom


Leonie Joubert, science writer and the author of The Hungry Season: Feeding Southern Africa’s Cities.
Marco Vinicio Sanchez, co-director of the SOFI 2021 report and Deputy-Director of Agrifood Economics at FAO.
Fiona Borthwick, Researcher at the University of Edinburgh and Programme Director at the Global Academy of Agriculture and Food Security.

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Written by Joshua Cervantes


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